Omen To Apocalypse

This is my Christmas song. How infuriated I was when I was younger, at the mindless shopping and wasteful packaging, wrapping paper, cards and bags that were destined for landfill, and the unconscious presents bought in obligation. I was particularly angered during a recession, when people were struggling. Our government was telling us to shop … Continue reading Omen To Apocalypse


Perfectionism is something that used to hold me back, and sometimes still does, however, it took me a long time to realize this. As I never saw anything I did as perfect, I couldn’t recognize myself as a perfectionist. While for some, perfectionism may manifest by one striving to be the best or striving to … Continue reading I’mperfection

Meditate Together

Morning Meditation: channeled and grounded personal wisdom into imagery and words I want to create spaceFor myself and others to BeTo be peacefulTo feel oneself and learn to reflectThis could be a great serviceConnecting oneself back and amazing energyBetween one anotherWhich then spills over into the rest of the world around usFills the collective energyWith … Continue reading Meditate Together


Heartache, something that affects us all, and yet, in today's world where we are taught to hid feelings that exist outside the 'neutral spectrum', so much isolation and loneliness can be found. I spent so much energy trying to fight my heartache, trying to heal it, trying to be ‘alright’, until I learned that I … Continue reading Heartache


Did you see this morning's Sunrise?It was one of those sunrises that makes me feel like, these are the moments we're living for.The sun could be seen as it came over the horizon.I sat on the sand with my guitar and free-styled to my experience.I went home and with my morning coffee let the sunrise … Continue reading Sunrise

What Is Love?

The first time I remember experiencing love. I was in the car on my way home after school, wearing my school uniform and looking out of the window and the fields passing. This feeling came to me, I knew it was love; a feeling of 'being in love'. But then my mind came in and … Continue reading What Is Love?

Here At Night

The Moon fuels you, night creature Take time to bathe in her rays Sip the cool night air, give praise Goddess is watching, reaching for youTo connect her wisdom and spirit Open up, sister, receive meAllow my womb to encompass youMy light fill you upWe are connectedLove, I am here every night Download Free Download … Continue reading Here At Night

Holding Space

Wisdom isn’t knowledge and sometimes to be effective It isn’t needed, just presence Forget what you know or think you knowRemember that we live in a male dominated constructWhere the mind is heavily relied upon A woman holds space, hollow like the wombFor others to crawl inside and be safeThis deep power, deep deep wisdom … Continue reading Holding Space

Yin Rising

Yin is risingLike compressed air bubbles deep in the seaShe rises and expandsBack to her original size when free Download Free Download of Line Design and Mandala. For self reflection, creativity and meditation through design, colouring and writing; poetry, stories and reflections. For personal use to download and print – enjoy!

The Light Is Here

Fire and water, cosmic elementsCosmic light and cosmic lifeLight years travel on streams of consciousnessTo Earth for this time of awakeningActivating light workers, here for the viewFront row seat on this ascensionBirthed world into another dimensionHead filled with lightEnergies combine to reactivate powerMix and swirl the energies twirlComing to Earth to renew such pearlGods and … Continue reading The Light Is Here

Star Seedling

Flower born, a seedling from the starsTraveled through space, planted next to MarsRoots in soil, yet mind in outer spaceFrom hell to heaven, this realm to embraceHeart to follow, our earthly compassStep out of the flower, don't want to but mustDelicate like one, sweet, matureThrives best when in natureBut duties call, starseeds are hearingNow pluck … Continue reading Star Seedling

Cosmic Splash

The Big Bang was a Cosmic Splash of period blood from the Mother GoddessCarefully pipette she teetered over a vesselAllowed what stars are made of to flow through her bodyIt was not a big bang, it was a sweet splash that turned into a ripple and flowAs life travels through space from her womb, she … Continue reading Cosmic Splash


There we are, isolated and alone together Trapped in fear of mortality, but who really cares about their real reality Can the birds fly again, the ants crawl, the fish swim and whales dive Is humanity listening to the song the birds sing Are they happy nature is taking a break Or is narcissism going … Continue reading Together

Aquatic Womb

We are sea creatures, from where we cameWe can return to pray, honoring the sun and the sea each day Soft like the water, the most powerful force on EarthWaves her emotions, tsunamis her grief, calm mind she gives life to the deep We are water creatures, deep sea divers, we have the whole sea … Continue reading Aquatic Womb

What Hell Feels Like

I know what hell feels like, terror to be in your own skinIt’s feeling deep lonely sadness, knowing comfort’s never comingHeart, Soul and whole being, aching for connectionLearning no one will ever come, to give me human affection It’s crying in vein, because no one caresOthers taking pleasure, in causing pain and scarsThe people supposed … Continue reading What Hell Feels Like

Sisterhood Unite

We are moon creatureswe reflect sunlightIntuitively we feel the rays,and flow them like the tide We take the lightinto voids and darknessEmotional like waterwe create the wavesLike the mermaid who lost her voicewhen she left the seaWe too have lost our voices,split from one another We must come back together again,and chant again as one,Pulsate … Continue reading Sisterhood Unite

The Channel

Live in devotion to something bigger than yourself Take on that energy and live with it inside you It doesn’t really matter, what it is As long as it brings elation to your truest self We were made for connection and built to be channels That is our divine nature, and our purpose To ground … Continue reading The Channel

Open Up

Behind the scenes, what I am showing youMaking my dreams come trueSince I was a kidIn every way I want to excel, throwing out energyLike a DuracelI open up to you, the root of my powerShow how daily efforts are turning me into a flowerBecause I love this life, the one I’m learning to buildOne … Continue reading Open Up

Diving Deep

Deep ocean diving, dredging the swamp, treasures of the deep lagoon Under water where, one can’t breath, can’t see, frightening water consume Is where I find my treasures, buried in the silt Wrestle with sea weedpull these jewels out of the deep I am deep diving, the darkness inside, Dredging the swamp, for the secrets … Continue reading Diving Deep

Reality Duality

The same energy, can be used for good or evilFrom power or lack, live in prayer or revengefulEveryone has the capacity for choiceAn internal knowing of which way to use their voice We are born intuitive, each with a set of skillsLike a video game avatar, the character knows the dealW are not predispositioned to … Continue reading Reality Duality

Made Perfect

Return to my own wisdom and begin to clearly seeThere is a reason for design, I was constructed carefullySociety has opinions on the way I’m naturallyBut as I examine myself I see my reality I don’t fit in a box, rata-tat two knocksI have my own design, there’s nothing that is flawedThere is no mistake … Continue reading Made Perfect

Life Divine

The life you want to lead is within your graspStand firm and stay steady, on your own pathJust need to know the details, get more specificAnd what you want is coming, so take action every minute Keep praying ‘cause what you ask for is realKeep manifesting daily, ‘cos you know the dealYou have a contract … Continue reading Life Divine

Cosmic Sunflower

The flower in the skyOpening up my mindGiving new meaning to the name sunflowerThis cosmic attitudeGets me in the moodTakes me to the place where I can embrace my true power I can trace back to the dayWhen I began to start thisIn my mind I saw a daisyCrown chakra cosmic bliss From that moment … Continue reading Cosmic Sunflower

Rings Of Infinity

Sitting in the rings of infinity No longer enjoying anonymity A want to be heard, hear my heart ignite The worries I’ve had, crossing through the night Alone, one tone, too close to the bone In my cave, being brave, nowhere to call home Self made, that’s my legacy My mother did it, now it’s … Continue reading Rings Of Infinity

Root Of Power

The root of your power, sits at your base Deep with your fingers, you need to face Deep in your pleasure, is your good place Touching yourself, touching your grace Moon is the Witch, deep in the night Fire in your belly, time to ignite Be gone with the terror, causing your fright Step over … Continue reading Root Of Power

Roots And Fruits

We choose to leave buried that which is the darkest.The unmet unconsciousnessBelow and above are the same, with equal valueJust like a tree could not survive with its roots above the earth, neither could the ego.Feeding off the dark, the dead, the absence of light.Both that duality is needed to grow, to expand.When a tree … Continue reading Roots And Fruits

Evil Exposed

Evil is powerlessness, that’s why when you face it, it crumbles, that’s why it lurks in the shadows, because even a mouse can look like a monster. Evil is powerlessness incarnating, taking hold in fear, desperation, desolation, disconnection, a need for greed, for more, for external bandaid, a filling of a hole, void, grotesque wounds … Continue reading Evil Exposed

Vibrant Vessel

Your body is but a vessel Filled up and animated by you An intelligent vessel Filled with intelligent energy Full of systems Brimming with internal wisdom Of function, survival and self healing Listen to the body if healing is what you want Allow it to come alive with your energy of consciousness Speak to it … Continue reading Vibrant Vessel

The Field

When the heart and mind become oneIn circular within the body fieldThen you will find the seat of the soulCohesion of feelingManifesting powerIf rooted in the EarthIn the Earth is where your energy will groundCome to fruitionAnd the life you seekWill come into existence

Sacred Flow

That which brings forth love and life always brings forth love and lifeThe red flow of lifeNutrient rich, life giving to soil, spread on crops to reinvigorate lifeNutrients of love straight from your body, return to the soil before your deathNatures gift to woman, woman's gift to natureShe is in circular flow as she gives … Continue reading Sacred Flow

Speak Direct

Don’t be all a flutter with your wordsDisguised as kindness, caught up embarrassedSpeak direct in truth and earnestAnd know you can be heard Don’t beat around the bushTalk in riddles or meander the issueIt doesn’t feel rightIt is not fully honest There are ways to expressAnd tell your truthThat can be kindThat can be considerateThat … Continue reading Speak Direct

Mental Discipline

Don’t get distracted by unimportant thingsSome are just parasites dominating your mindSee that they are small, and that you busyPay no attention to such thingsAnd see you are a giantAnd know that you can strive awayFrom such petty mindsBe the dominant characterIn your own story alwaysRemember you are not the dominant factorIn anybody else’s eitherYou … Continue reading Mental Discipline

Enough and Worthy

I felt caught in negative energy, dark thoughts came into my mind, self-deprecating, self-harmful. Thought’s I’d had in the past, that I thought had left me, returning to taunt me. But they didn’t make me feel as bad as they would have in the past, because I didn’t find them as convincing as I once … Continue reading Enough and Worthy

The Mountains

The mountains, the mountains I close my eyes and dream Above the clouds is a special place I know I long to be The mountains, the mountains The further up I go Above the clouds to sit and feel New things I come to know It’s where I want to rest It’s where my soul … Continue reading The Mountains

Morning Meditations

Recently, each morning I have taken to meditating and then free flow drawing directly after, and writing an accompanying poem. Each poem and design relate to something in my reality that is happening, be it direct growth, conflict, events or conversation. I’m creating these art, poem memes and intend to go on sharing these here … Continue reading Morning Meditations

Jiving To Musicians

Latest FaceConscious vlog featuring live paintings at Hanoi Rock City in Hanoi, and at the X-mas Block Party painting to the bands Tiny Giant, Monoheart and Limebócx. Showing my designs created throughout the past week, with activities for the upcoming Art Battle, first in Hanoi which I will be taking part in and a new … Continue reading Jiving To Musicians

Download 2 (vlog 3-4)

My designs over the past few days as I enjoyed a comedy show and multiple live music performances. Please enjoy these designs and if you'd like insight as to why I created them, check out my vlogs for these designs: Vlog 3 - Feeling Feelings Vlog 4 - Designs Free Download 2

Free Download

Please enjoy this free download. I offer these designs for personal use only, a collection of 14 designs created in the past week. Free FaceConscious Download You may use these in several ways. Print them as posters, colour them in for relaxation, or, another way is to use these as a reflective tool. Any creative … Continue reading Free Download

A New Style

I began creating FaceConscious doodles over two years ago, and one reason was to improve my ability to draw faces and expressions. I was recently taken over by the obsession of drawing from photographs, drawing around the image and then redrawing the lines over again, exaggerating each time to create over the top expressions. This … Continue reading A New Style