Friends in a tub! On a rooftop in DaNang a group of us mused over this fabulous tub.

Lurking on the sidelines, from the street at an open faced bar, watching this Vietnamese band rock out hard. Really enjoyed my lurk.

Obsessed with the face I made. To me, the earlobes as testicles, the head a penis, spewing out baby planets, and the aura around…a ‘hippy dick head’.

I drew this one while dancing! The eye is an eye, a microphone, an umbilical chord with a fetus.

It started as a face and ended as a face bird.

And today, a second wedding, so beautiful, it moves most of the audience to tears! I was all wet in the upper face region.

Capturing masculine and feminine energy dancing together…love, music, dancing, laughing…

Bad bitches in da back! Bus ride to the beach!

Photo shoot and chill #beachlife

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