I started building this world, one doodle at a time, creating every day since July 2016. It has become my discipline, a therapy, and a holistic approach to improving a multitude of skills.

FaceConscious is a visual diary and a social project. Expressing oneself is an amazing act of authenticity, which in turn is powerfully healing, so I present this visual diary as a tool. It can be used as a starting point to bypass that ever so limiting self judgement that usually comes up while creating. Art is powerfully reflective and my designs are in such a way that they are open to a wide interpretation and therefore, personal reflection.

It’s a self created daily practice. An ongoing collection of snapshots from my life, like taking a photograph, it captures random moments. My main goal is to paint every day, but also to improve my drawing skills and keep inspiration alive. These are long term goals but I’ve discovered it’s doing something else too. A journey that’s teaching me discipline through motivation, with enthusiasm to create more and a drive to reach my goals. It’s teaching me mindfulness, as I notice moments more and more, I experience how life is simply made up of moments, each feeling like an opportunity. The biggest and smallest things can happen in moments, and each moment, a possibility.




Claire Allured


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