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You are invited on a journey into yourself, to hear to the inner voice that’s calling to you, that you’ve yet to fully answer. I hold a mirror up to your soul and reflect back to you the things you need to know. Presence is powerful; to be seen and to see yourself, where you are and what action needs to be taken to reveal more authentically, Who you are.

Each session begins with a Soul Reading: through mutual meditation I channel and ground the information received from your energy. After discussion and shared insight, I create an intuitive design, grounding the positive frequency of the energy needed for forward movement in relation to the message. Using this artwork, you are guided through a simple art therapy practice, that leads to a deeper understanding of self reflection and insight. You receive a digital version of the Design along with it’s message, to remind and ground the energy needed to help on your continued journey through life. The whole session is guided, and each step will be explained as we go. All you need to do is show up and be present.

To know deeper what a session might feel like, and the kind of impact it may have, please read testimonials of other internal travelers, at the bottom of this page.

Channeled wisdom from Creative Healing sessions

Stick N’ Poke Soul Tattoos
Grounding the positive frequency in a meditative stick and poke tattoo,
or if you just want a cool design, unique to you.


Lana Del Goldsmith
My session with Claire was an amazing experience. I had never done anything like it before so I had no expectations. Her presence is magic to be in and inspiring. Claire holds a beautiful space for you to open up. After the session I had a massive emotional release about things I kept buried deep within. Claire’s session helped me bring this to the surface and give the attention that it craved. So I could finally accept and let it go. Thank you again Claire.
Nguyên Hạnh
Thank you for your session and your time, your patience. Such a long time I have met a person who is willing to listen to my story and it inspired me a lot. Thanks to your advice about the way to get self-reflection, I have figured out my passion (drawing ) and know how to use it to design my soul. Moreover, I’m taking the first step to touch my inner voice. Looking forward to your next session.
Moira Delythe Kilgore
I had the opportunity of working with Claire recently. After a brief energy exchange, she illustrated in words perfectly the imagery that depicted a scenario I had been playing out in my mind for over a year, and just like that I felt heard and understood. She gave new energy to something that had caused me so much pain and allowed me to feel those emotions again without being afraid of them or running from them. Her perception was impeccable. She also gave rise to room for me to interpret those circumstances in new light, provided a template design of her own original artwork, and led me to create my own rendition of it that she helped me interpret through my own insight and hers as well. I am truly glad that I took this offer and got to work with her. I recommend her to anyone struggle with their own internal, or external, conflicts.
Jessica Parks
I was super nervous about getting a stick and poke tattoo, especially one that was more of a meditative experience. I trusted Claire to see my spirit and come to light with whatever arose in the session. She began with a meditation, which was awesome for me because I can never turn my brain off. All the different avenues of thoughts arose in the session and after about 20 minutes she knew what to sketch. She explained the drawing, what to expect in the tattooing and was very calm and connected throughout the whole experience. I love the finished product because it sums up what was in my mind so perfectly. Claire has a pure vision, clear mind, and I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants something different and creative.
Agnes Zielins
I wanted to get my second tattoo to symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Giving up obsessive control, surrendering to what’s in store and nurturing my spirit were my intentions.
Claire couldn’t have come at a better time. She chose a lush green, airy and nature-filled space for us. The technical side was done adhering to all the principals of hygiene. I loved meditating with her and also conceptualizing it together, allowing the symbol to develop through sharing my thoughts, feelings and dreams. Claire is a beautifully positive, fun and safe person to be with.
My tattoo has a great story and memory attached to it. And is as unique as can be.
I wholeheartedely recommend this experience to those who are adventurous and into self-discovery ❤️
Katie Cosgrave
Sowed seeds of awareness,
To the colourful pages of my soul,
She enlightened the dark ink stains,
Brought me further to feeling whole,
She handed me a tool to soothe the pains,
And how to gain further knowledge of
The scripture of my goals,
She has a wonderful way of singing
To the rhythm of ones heart,
Beautiful sweet melodic tones,
Even through the screen of my phone,
A healer, an empath and someone who is
Certainly open to all,
Not a blind eye
That remains closed
But a wide open soul.
Thùy Dương
Really been great fun to talk to Claire and let her guide towards the creative healing process. Using her intuition, Claire lead me on my soul origin and purpose, and I found that echoed so much with how I felt deep down inside. What I also love is that her vision is so eccentric and imaginative 💜 She also made a unique, personalized design for me for the creative process.
I can only say that Claire is a caring, compassionate soul who helps others finding clarity out of the goodness of her heart. 💞
Gabrielle Lewis
I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for Claire Allured. I had a Creative Healing session with her and about 2 weeks later, a follow up session. Her positive energy and creative nature helped to bring the clarity I had been searching for. A big thank you for her time and talent. If you have not had a session with her yet I highly recommend you do.
Mai Anh Phuong
After a few deep talk with my best friend about how we currently feel, I’ve got an inner energy session with Claire Allured. First of all, Claire, she was amazing and friendly. It’s been a long time since I’ve got someone touch my energy, and lots of healing then. She is one of the most sensitive woman (maybe) in the world. Then, we arranged a meeting through video call as she has got locked down in Da Nang recently. It was early in the morning, you know, I am not a morning person; however, my curiosity and somewhat urgent need me to be on time. To begin with a meditation where Claire needed me to connect and exchange our energies, it lasted for about 15 minutes. Despite of my sleepy head, our session got so well. Claire was very helpful. From start, I was nervous about how to express my feelings and how I really “am” in this moment. I was totally “blind”. After the meditation, I felt new energy coming into the inside of me. Then, she started to draw what she saw in my energy that she felt I needed to be seen. My message is “Darkness is good, Embrace your Power”. I just realize maybe I need to work on what I call “bad”. I realize that sometimes I feel and urge to be “good enough” to fit the world, then try to escape from who I really am. This session is all of the positive vibes which easily converted through Claire to me. I still feel the energy until now and it also is the motivation for me to change my thoughts about myself. We are in this world of chaos, where people go outside for finding the true self without know the truth is within. Stay authentic. Thanks Claire for your super power of healing and positive energy and artistic talent that you serve the world to become better place, happy to share.
Through this session, I am also getting to know more about my ability to express what I really want and hopefully healed.
Hunter Parr
I heard the call “let’s meditate together and make art,” and a dream and a need for genuine connection drew me to a creative healing session with FaceConscious. Thank you universe! The experience was so empowering and inspiring. Sitting with someone in presence, being seen and allowed to be as the true self was a great gift. This chance to express myself authentically through art fanned the spark of the divine creative self and encouraged me in my process to “rise free and follow flow.” Creation is like change, a never ending stream of newness. What came through as an image of a rising yoni set in the sun with waves below became a painting – a creative river bursting forth from the peak of a mountain, illuminated by the sun’s rays like a seed being fertilized – as well as a song about the balance Between the divine masculine and feminine aspects. the work continues to echo into my life, reminding me of my power to shape change as a free and creative being. I’d recommend a session to anyone looking for healing, creative inspiration, and/or the simple chance to be met, seen, and heard in presence. more and more we can learn to embody our truth, express ourselves freely, and make our lives into the art we are!

Phương Thái
I’d been going through a hard time with full of doubts on myself, was feeling numb, scared, confused, useless, disconnected, wanted to cry but couldn’t … then Claire and her work remind me about who I really am, what I really have and to trust the process, that how truly and deeply I’m wanted and needed and also, my thoughts about the world isn’t silly.
It really kicked in, It’s not like noone told me that before, but the way her pure soul connected to mine just made me effortlessly believe in it. I’m still working on myself, but I start seeing the way clearly, start getting up to do the things that I always wanted, even the things that I have never thought I would do before. And It feels good, like I start living again.
For all the people out there who are suffering, if you need someone to bring out the goodness inside you, someone who listens to you without any judgement (isn’t that the best thing in life?),… so, well, you have found the right place.
Highly recommend 🔥
P/S: I can’t never thank you enough Claire, hope to see you soon ❤️
London Nix
Claire’s soul reading session provided a wonderful journey into my subconscious. What creative tool I needed to use to express myself was found, and through that session, I was able to find the confidence to follow my creative pursuits. My souls message was translated through a beautiful picture, illustrated by Claire herself. She tattooed it on my body so I have a daily reminder of what good is yet to come. Thank you so much, Claire!! 10/10!!! A lovely journey.
Daisha Rosetta
I absolutely love my newest tattoo!! I saved Claire’s information months ago when she started posting about doing intuitive stick and poke tattoos. I decided to get mine done on the full moon and the experience was magical. I look forward to getting more done from Claire!!


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Each session typically lasts around 90 minutes, when booking please allow for 2 hours.



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