Piss Spot

This is my breakfast most mornings lately. It’s a street stall outside a family home, on the same street that I live. I discovered it one day and made my way through the menu before settling on Bánh Ướt as my top pick. Scissor cut rice sheets, pork floss and…mystery meat? salad and fish sauce. It’s delicious and slides down so easily.

I’m often served by the mother but always greeted so warmly every time I come by mum, grandma and grandpa, kids as well if it’s the weekend or I’m early enough before school! The grandparents and I don’t share much language in common but that doesn’t stop us from talking to one another and exchanging pleasantries and well wishes we don’t understand, but understand.

Rolling up to my second usual morning spot, Flavoury Cafe, a trendy spot where my artwork hangs and hip hop plays, I see some road works I couldn’t miss right outside. I showed the worker my photo and he beamed me a massive smile!

A friend popped in to drop off some laminated stickers she’d tried out printing for me (thank you!!) our convo meandered though motherhood, tattooing and ended with street art. She told how her partner likes to tag, and she called it pissing like a dog, piss spot, marking territory…and I find this visual hilarious! (Apologies, I have a new pen today, it’s thicker; I had intended the gentle area to be a more delicate star).

I found it so funny I showed the guys who works a Bánh mì stall out of the cafe. Me mused over my designs then asked to draw his own. He reveals he has a street crew named Funky Boyz – dope! This will be a collaborated art piece when I’m done with it!

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