Confessions Of A Skeleton

Walking the earth feeling like Death
The fall from Heaven broke my bones
Living without skin is so painful

Lashing out for the tears no one can see
Expected to function as if I am whole
With no one to hold and nowhere to go

I am still me, but my shell an illusion
Just brittle bones walking in painful confusion
I look like a monster but I’m just a baby
What I need is tenderness and integration
Ointment my joints where I feel inflammation
I’m not a shell I am only bones

My shell an illusion, somewhere I am whole
Just disconnected and so I lash out
I know I’m not wicked, just in pain so strong
Where do I belong when in company of demons
Of mine and of others, I’m in pain so strong

I just want to find a place I belong
A place to call home, a warm place within
A heart that beats that I can call my own
I’ve lost it, it’s gone, and so I don’t feel home
Can’t anybody see this pain for so long

My skin it was stolen, lost long ago
And now on the Earth feeling vulnerable and alone
I am just bones, where did my skin go
I’m all alone, doesn’t anybody know
I’m lost without my home, must I remain alone
Have kindness please, I can’t find my home

One response to “Confessions Of A Skeleton”

  1. It seems such skeleton is thus already building one’s home.


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