In My Hand

Last night I went to the soft opening of The Craic House, a new bar and arts space. They did a cool thing, pain a mug and get a discount on beer! Hours of doodling madness. I painted my own and contributed to a communal mug.

Here are a bunch of mugs, chilling on the mug wall, ready to be cooked!

I can’t wait to fill it with different liquids and see the design change colour!

And then this candid photo…

Today it’s raining and I nursed my hangover over coffee in my usual spot and embarked on my daily doodle adventure…and I’ve noticed an increased interest in drawing hands lately. I love hands, I just love having hands and all the magic they can do, my life tentacles!

And finally, Art Class in the evening, today looking at expression of emotions with eyes. Ahh this made me chuckle a lot!

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