Gift To The World

I’m a gift to the world, and I need to believe it
like anyone else, I need to feel it
I’m special, just like all of you
I’m a light grounded on earth
And I’m learning what to do
To spread my gifts, not just stay locked in my room
To know myself, and then make some room
For myself and others, learn to take up space
And invite others in, in a hospitable place
I have love, I’m filled up
I’m over flowing my cup
And I long to share, integrate and wake up
To a life I want to lead, one that is whole
Full of love and hugs, an affectionate goal
I want this, I want that, and now I can say it
Build my self confidence and know that I’ll make it
Learn to soften up, just like a real woman
The goddess within, coming to fruition
That’s the way to complete my earthly mission
The goddess within coming to fruition

Painting for Sale
Acrylic on Canvas 60cm x 80cm

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