Lost My Head

I’m Phở-miliar with this Hanoian dish. My friend and I last night when we met for a Plaza Grand Opening, but turns out the free wine was 8.30AM and not PM as we though, surprising.

I did cycle past this hotel lobby on the way and Monty couldn’t resist a photo op!

I had a super lazy Sunday, up after lunch and went to my usual coffee spot which was busy, so I took up this spot outside.

I started a bathroom mural yesterday at Flavoury, and today filled in fluorescent UV orange.

I decided to have some fun and play some table football there, a bit rusty I jokingly blamed the headless goalie for not paying attention, haha. 

Crazy Cats is another bathroom I’ve been painting, so I popped over to continue doodling a little, freestyle on the walls! My Eyeginas and Monty’s! Still a work in progress but being in this toilet is like being inside an Art installation!

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