Language Of Light

Open open open
To the wisdom that is being spoken
Not in your ear but decantered
Into your mind, third eye
Language of light
Filtering through
What do they have to say to you?
Be still, don’t worry, the time has come
Your Earthly mission will be done
This transmission
This day will be a day of constantly received wisdom
As you request
Your friend will be joyous
All will follow well
Your session guided
And the right energies will come
For you are choosing to be present
And that is a big gift you bring
Energy exchange will be apt
Take on today with pride and joy
Be confident
This is also your divine path
Be well, use it well
Today, like every day
Is a gift
To you and to all others
Be blessed, be true
Be strong, be soft and wise
Child of God
Spawn of Universe
Reassembled star

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