Thangka You

I’m very taken with Thangka art.

Ten years ago upon my first visit to India, I explored the sacred art in and around temples, the fresco’s, carvings and statues. Visiting Dharamsala where many Tibetans in exlile reside, brought with them, artworks, crafts, culture and traditions of worship: I discovered Thangka paintings. I had originally wished to study and learn to make them too, as well as being mesmerized by mandala art.

Five years later I visited Nepal. In Kathmandu there were many shops filled with traditional Tibetan culture, and I bought a couple of callenders I wished to draw inspiration from.

Finally after five years of teaching myself to express myself through line art, I still have those callenders and finally found the right space. The journey makes more sense, creating my own language through symbolism, my creative pursuits of combining the physical and spiritual experience in art, I’m really happy to ever explore more…a work in progress…

My first thangka doodle

One response to “Thangka You”

  1. Souvenir de McLeod Ganj!


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