Cosmic Splash

The Big Bang was a Cosmic Splash of period blood from the Mother Goddess
Carefully pipette she teetered over a vessel
Allowed what stars are made of to flow through her body
It was not a big bang, it was a sweet splash that turned into a ripple and flow
As life travels through space from her womb, she births it, it multiplied and grows
For God is a woman, creator, protector, punisher, giver and grower
She nurtures us to succeed
If the sky were red, it would rain her body
She invites souls through her and births them on Earth
The great alchemy of Pain to Love
The great start gate between realms
Her cosmic heavenly body gives us life

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One response to “Cosmic Splash”

  1. Sacred art.
    Elicits continuity from Life to life.
    Unity between life and Life.
    To earthy life, from Ever Life.
    From earthy life, to Ever Life.
    Life is Life.
    Doesn’t depend upon time.
    Only revealed by Times.

    C’est la vie !


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