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Please enjoy this free download. I offer these designs for personal use only, a collection of 14 designs created in the past week.

Free FaceConscious Download

You may use these in several ways. Print them as posters, colour them in for relaxation, or, another way is to use these as a reflective tool. Any creative way that inspires you, and here are some simple suggestions:

  • Simply observe the images and be aware of what memories, thoughts or feelings they evoke in you. Some might have a strong effect on you, and others may have none at all.
  • Give the images your own titles based on your reflection.
  • Us the images as inspiration to write poetry, or a story about the character you see before you.
  • Add lines and draw in perspective, details and background. Reflect on what you have drawn.
  • Allow yourself to colour in the image, and add any details you like, and allow your subconscious to pick the colours. After reflect upon the colours you chose, and the way you used them. Whatever the colour feels to you, that is their meaning for you in that moment.
  • Use the images fro inspiration to create a completely new piece of artwork.
  • Make a collage.

Allow the designs and the way you choose to modify them, or not, give you introspection. Ask yourself what you see and feel. This should be a relaxing experience and there is no need to force anything. It can also be powerful to be and feel heard. This is an amazing way of communicating and it can be just as powerful to share with others around you. If you would like to share what you create, I have created a Facebook group FaceConscious Fun for just that. Personally I would LOVE to see why you create or take from this. If you choose to post and share what you create from these, please please tag or hashtag FaceConscious to give credit and spread the word. Thanks so much and enjoy!

To know more about the meaning behind each design and to hear accompanying poetry, please check out my YouTube channel as I start my first Vlog, covering my designs, poetry, feelings and creative endeavors: click here.

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