So Happy New Year everybody!

How did you spend yours?

I saw the parties, I imagined the crowds, but I didn’t want to be there. I wanted a low key time to relax, I wanted to spend it with someone who would be present with me, who’s company I really wanted and who wanted mine. I spent New Years with myself, snuggled up on the couch watching movies and a minute before midnight I got into bed and began a short meditation, from 11.59pm, opening my eyes at 00.04 in the new year.

My morning cycle across town to meet a friend and Monty’s excitement over the sharing of Tiramisu in a funky, modern Viet owned Cafe. Then my friend introduced me to Mỳ Quảng noodle, a famous dish of the Quảng Nam province within which Danang exists. Wow these noodles are delicious! (after my friend left I had another bowl 😉

Waiting for the art store to open after its daily lunch break, and getting some painting in, in an adjacent coffee shop, I captured some enthusiasm for my stickers:

Closer to dusk I joined a share circle where we each though of something we wanted guidance for, then took a tangerine with a word already written, as an answer for our contemplation. I picked ‘determination’. As the year of the Ox begins, and myself being an Ox, I know some Ox traits to be hard working and stubborn, which in me translate to determination. That I have found in my FaceConscious project; I am determined, I keep going, and I have faith that I am on the right path for me, however winding this explorative road.

Another girl picked out the fruit I had intended to take had I been offered the plate before her; it read ‘abundance’ and was the question to my answer. When she shared she said the word slowly, and I heard A-bun-dance!

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