Lift Yourself Up

You’ve graduated, reached the peak
Come out of the darkness, which once was bleak
You’ve proved yourself worthy, of spreading my mission
Of growing a life, full of cognition

You opened yourself up, you did the ground work
So now you get to fly, and I’ll raise you up
This life you are wanting, now that you can see it
Now you believe, touch, taste and feel it

it’s on its way, and I’m so proud
you’ve reached a peak, above the clouds
that kept life foggy, butt you had faith
that you were made for greater and you kept your face

took everything in stride, kept connection alive
Now the life you desire, is building with pride,
You grew your ambition, took on a mission
Hoping and wishing, that your pain had a meaning

What you knew was true, keeping your faith
Now I give to you a life to embrace
You made yourself worthy and opened up
And now from the heavens I will fill your cup

You will be guided with a much stronger hand
Now we know you are strong, and that you understand
You can help many people, shining your light
Take people from terror, transmute their fright,

You know where this leads, a path back into love
What you’ve always desired, Love cosmic above
Hold it in your hands, and channel it from heart
The universe within, just opened up its path

You’re forever welcome, now you know the way
And keep on working on yourself, each and every day
The path will be easier, from now on
Despite anything external, your mission has won

And continues to grow, as you go onto great things
Don’t be shy, the world is listening
Stay true to yourself, loves energy is stronger
Real and enduring, and lasts a lot longer

You’re the alchemist, who turns water to wine
Turns torture to elation, a crushed heart to fine
Love is the answer that you’ve always know,
always wanted, coming back home
Your path is strong, because you built it
Now you’re free and ready, take my hand and live it

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