Devil & Liberty

The Devil is coming to take away your liberties, do not fall down before him.
Lady Liberty has your back, use her as fiercely as you can.
She is the weapon to use here.
The Devil is coming but he is lazy and will not try to tear you down, power is in your relinquishment of self and not by his force.
Do not fear child, you are protected, you are loved, keep your frequency.
Do not think that compliance will save you, it will only prove you weak to him.
Strength in numbers, stand up, stand up and don’t ever get on your knees.
We will support you.
Do not fear, do not doubt, do not bow to the Devil.
Open your eye, see the light, know that you will be alright.
You are loved, you are protected, you are important.
Stay true to yourself and have conviction in your Earthly Mission.

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