Omen To Apocalypse

This is my Christmas song.

How infuriated I was when I was younger, at the mindless shopping and wasteful packaging, wrapping paper, cards and bags that were destined for landfill, and the unconscious presents bought in obligation. I was particularly angered during a recession, when people were struggling. Our government was telling us to shop shop shop, for the sake of our economy, that wasn’t serving us, wasn’t serving our planet, but us serving it, in a completely shortsighted way, and asked to put aside our true values, in order to feed the machine that destroys our planet and leads us into unconscious behavior. Where are our priorities? Isn’t Christmas about coming together, about family, connecting and rejoicing in the life we have?…as we sit around a pile of trash with unneeded products stacked up on our laps.

It has been years since I experienced a family Christmas, and the receiving and giving of gifts is now something that only occurs naturally in my life now, few and far between, but always with energy and care. I still had some residual anguish I needed to express over this. I began writing this poem Christmas Eve 2018, as I went to bed, and finished writing it Christmas morning.

I’m not an activist for the environment per se, but I still fight in my own way. For me it’s more about everything having a knock on effect, my feelings are strong over all kinds of repression, including the repression of our planet to thrive the way nature, and all she supports, should. I know that it begins with us connecting to our heart, to what really matters in life and not what we’re told, and so I hope that the vibration I put out, touches where it needs to and I strive to do the best I can. I care deeply for nature, and to write this, I pause, as it brings tears to my eyes.

I once was asked to describe my poem, this piece and this is what I wrote:
‘A hip hop poem warning of the dire consequences of our present global unconscious state regarding corruption, waste and insensitivity towards the needs of our souls. Living in ignorance of the destruction of our planet, which, if unmanaged, could lead to the demise of the human race.’

‘Omen To Apocalypse’

Our food should be medicine, instead it’s poison
Fresh air should be abundant, instead it’s all gone
Our ocean and rivers, should be full of wildlife
But now they are depleted, death by fish knife
The trees they are chocking, while human beings are smoking
Activists warn us, but we act like they are joking
The land it is eroding, lowlands are now flooding
The garden of Eden, has closed down for extra parking
Species disappearing, while Forrest are being clearing
Distraction otherwise, at entertainment we are cheering
Drinking plastic bottles, laced with hormones
Then off it goes to landfill, earth cancer by the tones
The butterflies are dying, the bees no longer flying
Flowers are gone, everything’s wrong, politicians help by lying
Nature is secondary to short term dead desire
Caught in the rat race, our souls looking for a buyer
There’s no consideration, By any corporation,
Profit margins trump, the survival of every nation
The notion of a person, has been eradicated
Slaves to our flesh puppets, our souls completely jaded
Is this the path you choose, blinded by nonsense
While we destroy nature, for an extra fifty cents
And what will you buy, when the food is all diminished
And who will you impress, when your neighbours are all finished
Is this the life you chose, to live like a walking corpse
Using substance and distraction, until all feelings warps
And when we’re all dead, twitching in our graves
I bet we will regret, that to money we were slaves
The biggest joke of all, is that we know it’s all a lie
And yet we do not stop, self ruin till we die
But at least there is one thing, we can surely give back
Once we’re done killing, and can no longer attack
Rolling in the earth, underneath us they will squirm
Nature will rise again, as we’re eaten by her worm
We’ll be eaten by her worm
We’ll be eaten by her worm
What will you live on, when the money’s all gone
And the oppression has won, and we’re beaten by the Dawn
Who’s side will you be on, when you know that this is wrong
Pollution and corruption, killing off the birds song
We’re all going to die, so don’t listen to the lie
To just blindly buy, while we hear our planet cry
Of consumerism, we’re all in a prison
Destruction has risen, and freedom is forbidden
We’re not infallible, and nature is valuable
Stop acting like a cannibal, prioritising capital
Give nature your respect, ‘cos we’re not done breathing yet
Stop throwing the net, and release the tourniquet
We can turn this world around, help steer this blind crowd
Point out the dark cloud, and raise your voice loud
The end is not nigh, if with our planet we ally
Open every eye, before it’s too late and we all die

2 responses to “Omen To Apocalypse”

  1. Stefany do Rosário Avatar
    Stefany do Rosário

    It’s so sad to read something so full of truths that are right in front of us but that we pretend not to see. Thank you so much for this special and so real text.
    Surely your words will change the minds of many, including me. I’m going to get into this fight for our planet, we should all do it for everyone’s sake.


    1. Wow, thank you Stefany, I’m so glad to have moved you!
      I believe the way to ‘fight’, is not agains the old, but shining awareness and putting our energy into creating the new. I believe the most powerful thing we can do is get more in touch with our hearts, and trust that how we feel is true. I believe this will inevitably lead us back to nature and true connection; with ourselves, with one another, with putting our resources and energy into what truly matters to us, and self empowerment. We are the masses and if we choose to live in love and connection, we can transform this planet into one of harmony. We have the resources, in abundance, they just need to be used in the right way and for the right reasons. When we demand change from others, from authorities, we are giving our power away, stating that ‘other’ has the authority and power, and not us. But we do, we have the power to make the changes; in what we choose to take part in, and choose not to, in what initiatives we choose to take and in what vibration we choose to hold, that affects others, that affects and changes the world around us.


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