Diving Deep

Deep ocean diving, dredging the swamp, treasures of the deep lagoon
Under water where, one can’t breath, can’t see, frightening water consume
Is where I find my treasures, buried in the silt Wrestle with sea weed
pull these jewels out of the deep
I am deep diving, the darkness inside, Dredging the swamp, for the secrets that I hide

I have this swamp, which could be a beautiful place,
I need to dredge it, one piece at a time,
clean it up, for it could be so beautiful,
it’s an internal space of mine

Instead of being an ugly place to ignore,
it’s become my favorite place to swim and explore
I call it, diving for treasures,
it’s like turning a wound, and making it better

This place could be beautiful, and when cleaner it is,
Therese no need to condemn it, for the state it is in
Before it was a place too raw and ugly to step in
And now it become my place of deep sea diving

The waters are black, dark, just like space
I can’t see below the water until I’m in that place
Before I’d have never gone, because it just held pain
But now it’s the place I go, to see what I can gain

Diving for treasures is what I like to call it
Cleaning up my swamp, until it looks legit
There is beauty locked inside, This watery grave
But as I go dredging, these gems of light I get to save

There’s wisdom in my deep and I’m going deep sea fishing
Each catch I can get helps me further on my mission
Now I see why suffering can be such a gift
Look at all these diamonds I now get to collect

What was once ship wrecked, is floating on the sea
Flying in the sky, now seeing clearly
I’m my own albatross, finding new land
While I dredge the ocean for treasure, with my other hand

The jewels in the deep, no other way could’ve been created
And facing my fears is leaving me elated
Turning terror into gold, if is isn’t alchemy
Turning what was once blind into a vision I can see

Now that I am buoyant I can respectfully
Without scuba gear, explore the deepest parts of me
Now that I am buoyant I can peacefully
Without any fear, explore the deepest parts of me

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  1. Beautiful.

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