If I were a Dancing Tree

Yesterday I took part in a workshop on body movement.
We began in meditation, drinking sweet herbal tea and sharing how we feel about our bodies…and then we danced. I danced mostly with my eyes closed and after a while, I began to feel as if I was dancing with the energies around my body. As a lofty person, I am used to taking energy in from above, but in this grounded dance, I felt like I was sucking energy up my legs, other energy I danced with which I pulled down, and with both movements, I was powering my core. I felt like I was dancing like Tai Chi, swaying energy around me, dancing with energy as my dance partner, and pulling more and more energy up my roots; yes I felt like a dancing tree.

After some time I sat on the floor and continued to dance with my upper body, I felt like I was bringing energy into my body, holding my inner space, just for me, and when I stood up again, my body felt so open, all my movements were open, shoulders back, heart strained open. And when my body tired, I sat among the dancers and drew how I felt in the beginning, as I wanted to share my experience, my dancing journey.

This was at Art Campus in DaNang
Free Body Movement with Mar García
Photo credit: Anna Dyachenko

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