Know Your Own Truth

You know your own truth and you don’t have to prove it
Your wisdom is yours, it’s not for others to challenge
Those that do are simply weak in themselves
Not to respect yours, needing to impose theirs

If you know your own truth and shine your own light
You wont have the need to convince others
Your own self-conviction is enough to influence
Others to know their own truth
And walk confidently in their own light
And that is the best thing you could ever want
For another human being

Contentment needs no comment on others

With diminishing passing comments
Know yourself, protect what’s yours
And hold yourself in the truth of your own light
Don’t be influenced, stay true only to yourself
It is the weak who try to influence the strong

It is not loving energy, but the voiced need of the ego
For control of ones environment
And a need to believe that which one isn’t fully convinced of
If living your own truth can’t be handled by others
Move away, step back, keep yourself in tact

Challenge yourself by the words others speak
And if those words are found false, know yourself all the deeper
In that way you live without resistance, but in gentle, self guided flow
While your mind and heart remain yours

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