Evil Exposed

Evil is powerlessness, that’s why when you face it, it crumbles, that’s why it lurks in the shadows, because even a mouse can look like a monster. Evil is powerlessness incarnating, taking hold in fear, desperation, desolation, disconnection, a need for greed, for more, for external bandaid, a filling of a hole, void, grotesque wounds left to fester, energy lost, allowed to scatter, playful energy in the wrong place.
Evil is not kind to the self, it is self punishing and then projecting. Evil hurts everyone around, evil is so sad, so lonely, so desolate and desperate for company, for connection, for love, but does not believe itself worthy, it is not worthy in the form it holds, seeking company in pain, thrill in pain, connection in the pain of others, power in inflicting, just to have an effect. Evil is powerlessness incarnate.
So turn on the light, expose it, show it to itself, it will squirm and cower and won’t believe in itself, won’t acknowledge it’s reflection, evil possesses but it has no life of it’s own, sad and lonely evil.
Sorry for your sadness, sorry for such isolating, that you feel such pain. Evil is not to be tormented, scorned, cast out, denied, separated or feared. Evil is asked, where do you pain? Where do you hurt, show me, let me bring the light in and see you. Most light cannot reach such darkness, but if you keep light percent with you always, evil cannot trap you, stay with you, or enter your life. Evil seeks the darkest places, and light shines first on mountain tops. Evil is low, in depth, it hides down deep, away from light, away from consciousness. That is why awareness, light and self searching is so powerful and needed. If you see evil, within you or within others, offer your light, offer your light in any and every circumstance, for light is what the world needs, always and everywhere. Evil is unconsciousness, light is consciousness, only one will stand true in the end. Light to every corner nook and cranny of the world, and evil will no longer be recognised as the entity that it is today, it will be understood as the deepest darkest most tormented twisted child, that needs to find its way home, for a bath and a cuddle, and a cry and some love. Evil will feel sorry for all that it has done, once it feels and can accept warmth and light that it so deeply darkly craves.
Evil needs to be scary to protect itself, to create the illusion of safety, the illusion of power, to make itself safe. Just a little light can help, don’t play evils games, don’t get drawn down or sucked in, evil is just desperately trying to survive. Evil is not power or powerful, evil is powerlessness. Evil prays on the strong masquerading as weak, feeding of distorted and contorted light because it cannon receive it direct. Evil is powerlessness. If evil tries for you, it is because you are full of light, you don’t ever need to let it. If evil follows you, don’t run and hide, turn up your light, turn up your light, evil won’t dare to venture where it is bright.
Evil is but a projection of powerlessness on the wall, it looks big, but it is small.

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