Aquatic Womb

We are sea creatures, from where we came
We can return to pray, honoring the sun and the sea each day

Soft like the water, the most powerful force on Earth
Waves her emotions, tsunamis her grief, calm mind she gives life to the deep

We are water creatures, deep sea divers, we have the whole sea of connected emotion
Available to us and as we surrender to it, we can let it flow through us with devotion

We are supposed to know the ocean, waves, lakes, rivers and swamps
All that births life is connected to us, and the moon is the heart that pumps

As a baby swims the minute she is born, from aquatic life in the womb
We hold the wisdom of sea life within us, and the secrets for life to bloom

Water has memory and she remembers us, we remember her, in our cells
The water we drink, wants to dance with her sisters, and return to the sea, to rejoice

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