Community Art Project Proposal

Dear Friends and Community

I have spent 100’s of hours creating poetic fantasy short stories illustrated by line art mandalas…which I’d love for you to colour in!

Project title: Story Time with FaceConscious

I propose to make an augmented reality experience using artwork created by artists and community, to further inspire people looking to colour in the same pages. I will be releasing one story page/mandala each week on Monday that anyone is welcome to download and colour in.

I have created a space for sharing, in the form of a facebook group: Story Time with FaceConscious, where inspired artwork, stories, ideas and poetry can be shared, as well as connecting with others and more creative prompts! No need to join the group to take part, however as an early bird thank you, I am releasing the narrated video of the first story in the group today!

The first story is titled Blood Fairy – answering the question ‘what if some mosquitoes were blood harvesting fairies in disguise?’

Inspired by the plentiful mosquitoes of Sri Lanka.

Personally I find it fascinating how the same prompt can inspire so many different outcomes, so I’m excited to see what may come. Please feel free to share with anyone you feel may be interested, thanks so much!

Stay tuned for the video and first mandala dropping next Monday!

One response to “Community Art Project Proposal”

  1. François-Noël Avatar

    How inspiring, this Blood Fairy Tale, Claire!

    Huge thanks for sharing thus your experience of life in Sri Lanka, and this tour alongside a socially minded creative spirit.

    To me, this tale illustrates that most events in our lives deeply depend upon the way each of us looks at them, revealing and weaving a mute “inner story”.

    This may help reflect upon both:
    – each one’s desire / raison d’être
    – and/or what each fears or misses most.

    I am looking forward to other comments…

    Great initiative!


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