Proudly Presenting…

Blood Fairy
Poetic Fantasy Short Story
Narrated in rap, illustrated by mandala:

‘Did you know that some mosquitoes are actually fairies in disguise? Among many who use the guise of bugs and insects, these are the fae who harvest blood.
Your blood.’

The first story page is available to download and colour, as well as the cover for fun:

Download PDF, click here!

Page 1.
Fairies are metaphysical, not everyone can see
Shape shift as different insects, like a butterfly or bee
It’s fanciful and dreamy, to consider all benevolent 
They’re not tempered equal, and another kind is prevalent

Create however you feel best, be it storytelling, poetry, colours, collage, painting with spoons…skies the limit!

A collaboration between these designs and community inspired artwork such as yours, is being collected to create an augmented reality experience of the work. Click for details about the project Story Time with FaceConscious:

Thank you so much for following and baring witness to this passion project on it’s collaborative journey.

Want to skip ahead for the full story now? Download it here!

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