Create Worlds

Woke up this morning to questions on my art…’I’ll take 3!’ Well that helps me get out of bed! Popped to my favorite coffee jam as usual and I watched my friend cover her laptop in my stickers, an additional layer to layers of stickers. She proclaims she never buys art, as a minimalist, so this is a big compliment, thank you! ‘When you make it big I want to say I have originals.’

This Cyclopes in the Mountains is one of my absolute favorites!

This designed poured from me; two faces together, also making a face, and a dog on top. for whatever reason, what do you feel it means, represents for you?

In the afternoon I stopped by a plant nursery, where the most lovable dog lives. Picked up some pots for potting.

A friend has suggested I create worlds around my characters, and it’s been ever on my mind lately. What kind of story do you feel this one is telling? I feel it needs a colour!

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