Speak Direct

Don’t be all a flutter with your words
Disguised as kindness, caught up embarrassed
Speak direct in truth and earnest
And know you can be heard

Don’t beat around the bush
Talk in riddles or meander the issue
It doesn’t feel right
It is not fully honest

There are ways to express
And tell your truth
That can be kind
That can be considerate
That can be compassionate
To others
And more importantly
To yourself

Any thing unsaid you wish to say
Can get stuck and block you
Open yourself up as a channel
Speaker of your own truth
Respect your own words
And so others can follow

Speak to be understood
Not in riddles with sequinned meanings
Intertwined and underlined
Be direct
Be earnest
Be kind
Be truthful
Learn this skill
It may become the most valuable one you come to poses

Manage your thoughts
Make them clear
Know your feelings
Make them clear
Understand the position of the other
Then be clear

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