Roots And Fruits

We choose to leave buried that which is the darkest.The unmet unconsciousness
Below and above are the same, with equal value
Just like a tree could not survive with its roots above the earth, neither could the ego.
Feeding off the dark, the dead, the absence of light.
Both that duality is needed to grow, to expand.
When a tree is cut, only the top part is taken, the roots left to die in the dark
But it isn’t right to take a tree, just like it isn’t right to take only the light in a person.
All is valuable, all must be accepted, in the self and others. For what is underground was born of the light.
Make sure the unconscious mind is ripe, fruit bearing, healthy, nourishing bass, though in the dark, under soil, it is the foundation on which the tree grows. Have good roots, a healthy unconscious mind, so you can provide shade, clean air, shelter for animals, all the clear and beautiful gives and gifts you have to offer just by being yourself.

One response to “Roots And Fruits”

  1. As roots appear at the base of the drawing on the left, appears on the top of the video what could be a painting of roots on the right.


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