We’re In Heaven

Last night at Heaven Bar, it was open mic and I rocked some original Hip Hop tunes of mine. Enjoyed as always, by me and a little praise from the audience always feels soooo good! It’s my uplifting raps about constructive self expression and creativity that do the best. Here is my doodle We’re In Heaven’. I was feeling good, feeling connected, in a bundle of familiar and friendly faces. And second ‘I’m A Rabbit On A Carrot’. Why? Because…

…something like ‘do you pick up energetically while making these designs? ‘Cos I’m resonating so much with the symbolism in this pic!’. Nice!

Are you a Bánh Mì?! Vietnamese sandwich, famous throughout the land. Monty is, my late lunch, delicious! Chilly please!

Getting my paint on at Crazy Cats Bar, I originally was going to make it black and white, but I felt it wasn’t popping and I’m enjoying this colour adventure! So,w UV paints in there, hoping the bar lights reach this piece…over at the back under the dart board.

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