I Love And Accept You

Love your demons, they are the part of you that you rejected and disowned, created fear over, let fester and grow, like a strong bacteria multiplying in the dark.
Dry it out in the warmth and light of your love.
Shine on it, turn on your spotlight and tunnel vision, zoom in and see; you don’t need to fear yourself.
You need to love every inch, atom and energetic vibration within yourself, because every single part of you demands, deserves and requires respect and love.
Love yourself truly, to the depth of your darkness and heights of your light, love yourself and you and your world will transform.
All the demon wants, like you, is love. It is the part of you, you reject and deem unlovable and fear. Can you imagine how that feels? This is what you do to yourself; you created this demon to protect yourself, now you must take your demons back.
It’s the part of yourself others rejected and so you rejected, made an enemy of that part of yourself, but it is you.
If you want self-love and acceptance, then all demons must be loved and integrated and taken back as a beautiful part of you.

2 responses to “I Love And Accept You”

  1. Demons are “the part of yourself others rejected and so you rejected…”.


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