Meditate Together

Morning Meditation: channeled and grounded personal wisdom into imagery and words

I want to create space
For myself and others to Be
To be peaceful
To feel oneself and learn to reflect
This could be a great service
Connecting oneself back and amazing energy
Between one another
Which then spills over into the rest of the world around us
Fills the collective energy
With positive love and vibes
Moves us, it has the power
To move us, really
This is a great service to the world
To humanity, to ourselves
To community, self embrace, self love
And others around will feel that
This is the movement to begin to start
To follow, execute, to see through
This energy you attract to you
will keep you and others safe
Safe from harm, safe from self harm
Safe from bad thoughts, bad harmful energy
And safely in God’s cradle
Be that light
Which you see and feel in you
And bring it out into the world

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