Only Joking

Last night was the joint celebration of two birthdays, that began with an open stage. I performed some raps that went down well. A comedian took the stage and told a long joke about a blow job, impersonating a redneck, but actually I didn’t get the joke, but did enjoy the doodle!

It felt like a stage full of performers and I, a single audience member, which tickled me. These folks enjoying a good sing along! Birthday boy on the left, Happy Birthday Chris!

I love Saxophone! I personally find Saxophone and Violin the two most exciting instruments, ooh they tickle me! My friend revealed he’d brought his to the party, and seeing my excitement, got it out just for me, hopefully I’ll see him perform soon!

Meanwhile on the spaceship…

…I mean, karaoke bar, Birthday girl on the left, Happy Birthday Linh!

I noticed my UV paint showed up well in the karaoke place – toilet photography, loving it!

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