Unicorn Person Linh

Lately I have stumbled into constantly drawing Unicorn People. Evolving from inter-dimensional beings I’ve drawn, as if those beings stumbled upon their world and ours and made a link. Unicorn People show multiple expressions of the third eye; one large eye, and the horn symbolising the spiralling of energy in and out of the third eye. The horn is also a representation of healing energy, as it is with the Unicorn, giving me the sense of harmony in this world. I notice curiosity is the driving force of this place, mimicking my own curiosity to discover it.

Around them I am developing a world of inter-dimensional beings, portals and places. So far there’s long grass that hold portals, curious happy mushrooms that I feel represent plant medicine, water, fish, mountains, bees and sunflowers.

I’ve started drawing people around me as Unicorn People too, expanding this world with them. Here’s Unicorn Person Linh, in the ‘making of’ video, following the ways I create the painting, with a focus on blending techniques. Meet Linh at the end, being gifted the final piece!

…and here is the design, which you are welcome to print onto any kind of paper you like and get creative! I used watercolour paper and watercolour paints.

Please keep original signature, and tag @FaceConscious when posting online, thank you!

Feel free to share with me your pieces, and tag me online, it brings me so much humble joy seeing people create from my work!

If you’re into what I’m doing and want to show some love, some ways are to share with people you think will enjoy this too, drop me some likes and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you so much and Happy Creating!

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