Sacred Goddess Flow

Sunday’s at Crazy Cats is open mic, hosted by Andrew Goode and last night I hit it. It had been a while but I practiced my scales and sewed a plushy penis into my trousers, so that when I performed my rap about being a bi-gender Drag King ‘Call Me Daddy’, in the last verse I could whip it out, and whip it out I did. I mused over whether or not it would be the right crowd, but in the end I performed the song again later in the night by audience request – boyoyoyng!

I met some FaceConscious Fans! I was FanConscious! Oh it made me so happy!

‘We didn’t expect you to be so friendly’. I get that a lot. Everybody gets a sticker!

This was so much fun! I was having a conversation, being told about how panorama function on the phone can make cool doppelgänger effects, while a third person didn’t understand so we were shown!

Photo and creativity credit: Ian Dudzinski

Today is slow, mildly hungover I do my usual routine of breakfast, coffee shop, and here for lunch in a vegan restaurant named Annen, with a gorgeous garden, the tofu ratatouille is delicious! (I came back for dinner!)

This morning I began my ‘Goddess Flow’ let’s call it. It’s a sacred time I feel, as I meditate more, I connect more with the reverence and cleaning time of my period, and feel honoured to be so connected; to the female collective of the world, to this amazing planet. When I am in this time, whatever emotions I have are heightened. If something bothers me, it come to the surface and bothers me ten fold. I understand why I felt mentally tired yesterday, but today, I feel happy, connected and optimistic…thought a goodnight out performing and connecting with others always makes me feel so good!

Oh haha, I found a Monty shaped puddle!

Spend the afternoon adding colours to the bathroom mural at Flavoury, and thinking about where I might paint next…

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