A Free World Dreaming

This dog isn’t friends with just anybody, including me. Daily at my coffee spot, I give my hand to sniff, met with little interest, in the hopes I can at least build familiarity. Today both of us sat by the rain. Many dogs are wearing jackets this season in DaNang.

A short while later…friendly to few meets friendly to everyone, and Monty stuck in the middle. Don’t worry Monty, it’s just puppy play.

Starting to see what I mean about doggie fashion? It’s the cutest! Talking we ended on the subject of working for passion and the annoyance of involving money, if only life were set up so that we could all work from passion, this world would transform incredibly! It was so lovely to hear, to know, the passion in her work: Mamma J’s fyi

Lunch, am I right Vietnam?! Knees to the table!

Dreaming of a world where we live by passion, the things humanity is capable of, we have the resources in abundance to make this world free and beautiful! Dreaming of a time when people don’t say ‘that’s just how it is’ as a reason not to make life magical. ‘The World doesn’t work that way’, as dreamers ask profusely ‘why not?!’

Wow, after I wrote and drew this, I saw this on the wall. I’ve technically seen it before, but never actually read or took notice of it, but I did today. It’s clear how frequencies vibe.

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