The Channel

Live in devotion to something bigger than yourself
Take on that energy and live with it inside you
It doesn’t really matter, what it is
As long as it brings elation to your truest self

We were made for connection and built to be channels
That is our divine nature, and our purpose
To ground and bind energy, between one another
And the Earth, to receive and give

We were not born into bubbles, we left the dome
Into the world we, became exposed,
from there we are channels, vessels of energy,
The sooner we realize this, the sooner we’ll be free

Everything is energy, and we have a choice
Don’t be led into game you don’t want to play,
Give yourself over to something more divine,
make your own choice on what to channel

Be a vessel for love, creativity and expansion,
of hope, dreams, and desire,
Become a part, of that connection
And know that it will guide you

If you already have something flowing inside,
it’s harder for someone else to control you,
but if you are empty, then others can permeate
take hold with energy and puppet you

be a creator, not a puppet, a vessel for others to abuse,
but a light for the divine to use
be a creator, not a puppet, a vessel for others to abuse,
but a light for the divine to use

We can unconsciously feed and syphon,
circulate and grow the wrong energies,
when we could be channeling growing and feeding
spectacular ones, spectacular ones

You could be a vessel of positive creation
If you feel empty, here’s your path back to elation
Fill you up, and pour it out
in constant conduction
Get off you knees
It’s time for world to dance

Just dance

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