Sacred Flow

That which brings forth love and life always brings forth love and life
The red flow of life
Nutrient rich, life giving to soil, spread on crops to reinvigorate life
Nutrients of love straight from your body, return to the soil before your death
Natures gift to woman, woman’s gift to nature
She is in circular flow as she gives back her body every month
She is the life giver, she is of love and life
She gives her body every month and returns to nature her wisdom she collects
This is natures gift to her, she is natures gift
This is her gift back to nature
In constant cycles of flow
Release your trauma if you are in pain, this is her cleansing gift
Of soft vibration, extreme relaxation, release of what is old and unwanted, unneeded
Relax and feel the heartbeat of nature returning to the earth, claiming what is hers
Collect this sacred fluid and return her body to the EarthWhile she is alive, while she is alive, return her body to the Earth
This is the highest gift of a woman, to return herself to the Earth, before she is dead, while vibrant inside
She is a constant cycle of love and life, purity and light

She is always there, always guiding, always watching, the cosmic goddess spirit, still alive within us, guiding us, awakening us. Take notice of her, her power that flows through you, that you are a part of, this collective sisterhood, this collective terror you cleanse, and wisdom that you ignite, witches are found in the dark because they hold such light, howling at the moon before they take flight, this power scared men, and so began the fight, but the war is over, it’s time again to embrace every shadow and every ball of light, merge them, reveal what is waiting, your powers within, your powerhouse yonie, your sacred wisdom within.

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