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Dear Wonderfruit, I am delighted to be invited to present my project at your festival. With just a little time to prepare, here is a general proposal to give an idea of what I can offer. All images are of previous creative exploits, upon which I may expand:

Give out several thousand stickers
of my logo, as is my common practice,
collaborating your WonderFruit logo.

Wear a flamboyant full white outfit, covered in line designs, encouraging festival goers to colour them in throughout the festival, culminating in a fully communally coloured outfit.

Freestyle Immersive
Throughout the festival offer to line design on anyones clothes or accessories, with paints to colour. I may do so while people paint my outfit: a roving live canvas, making canvasses of others.

The Space
I envision:
– A circular space, where workshops can be held while seated in the round, a coffee table height art station in the centre for supplies (suggestions below).
– The space lined with hanging canvasses, of line designs of characters and aesthetics from the story, to paint communally (e.g. 20 canvasses – 70x40cm).
– At the art station, offer printed on A4 paper, mandalas from the story to colour in, a permanent colouring station.
– A large communal painting of a mandala (suggest 2x2m)
– A projector and screen for presenting the video’s

The Project:
Story Time with FaceConscious

Presenting poetic fantasy short stories, illustrated by storytelling mandalas.
I will present several short stories, with focus on the first released of the series, Blood Fairy.

Here is Blood Fairy, narrated with music and rap. I will additionally create a version with spoken word. This story answers the question: ‘what if some mosquitoes were actually blood harvesting fairies in disguise?’:

Mandalas from this story can be permanently available at the art station, where participants may listen to the story using headphones. It would be great if they could see a video play out as well.

I have created a community project using these stories, with a view to producing augmented reality experiences of community created artwork, by collecting photo’s of peoples coloured mandalas and inspired artwork. People may chose to submit their work and I will use photo’s of communal canvasses.
For clarity click here: Story Time with FaceConscious


Express YourFace Click to view details
This is the first workshop I created for the FaceConscious project.
Using creativity as a tool to express and communicate feelings
Suitable for children to adults
Tools: pens, paints, A5 plain paper, A5 paper with printed line designs.

Creative Comprehension
Finding prompts in the story to inspire new artwork and storytelling.
Tools: plan paper, writing paper, pens, paints, and small blank canvasses if possible.

Doodle Circle
A held freestyle space, where participants bring white or light coloured clothes and accessories, to doodle and graffiti over one another’s belongings. Could offer white t-shirts.
Tools: t-shits? permanent marker pens, paints


It would be a delight to perform the stories live, accompanied by video of the stories. Additionally I may perform songs related to the space I’m creating, such as my hip hop ‘FaceConscious Anthem’, that underlines the importance of self expression:

Art Station Ideas:
A4 mandalas printed on plain paper, coloured pencils, coloured pens, black pens, black marker pens
20x20cm canvasses, printed A4 mandalas, poster paints, paint brushes, mandalas printed on watercolour paper, watercolours, black pens, black marker pens, white t-shirts. I may freestyle line design on some t-shirts and canvasses. White printed t-shirts of FaceConscious and WonderFruit logo line design people can colour in.

Unusual Objects
I’m a big fan of upcycling, using found and discarded objects and giving new life and intrigue though art. As well as painting unusual objects, for example I used my functional motorbike four times as communal canvas at events. Should there be interesting object, functional or discarded, that can be painted white and added to the space…

Final Result

By the end of the festival a natural exhibition will unfold, from the communal canvasses, my full outfit and many other people’s outfit’s and accessories! There may be one or several large boards for people to keep their work safe and display until they leave/the end.

My Time
I’m interested to spend time facilitating the space between workshops, and in free time be a roving, doodling canvas, promoting the space. I might do the three workshops per day? A couple of volunteers to help manage the space, and while I’m not present would be fantastic.

Thank you so much! An overview of my FaceConscious projects values can be found on my homepage. I look forward to collaborating with you!


Claire Allured


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