Express YourFace is a therapeutic and self connecting, guided workshop, for youths and adults, into self expression.

Using FaceConscious as an example to show the importance of self expression, and provide an avenue to share that expression with others, I present my project as a starting point. I also share how impactful spending minutes a day building something in ones own life can be.

The aim of this workshop is to create an authentic connection with the self, and demonstrate how that in turn, creates the avenue to authentically connect with others through some simple art exercises and sharing what we have created.

Here’s where it began…

Terminal Hujan


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On a CouchSurfing adventure on the island of Java, I happened upon a student in Bogor who volunteers weekly, teaching youths English at a locally organized charity. His passion was strong and inspiring!

I visited the charity on Sunday, not to teach English, but to share my passion project in the form of a workshop. Drawing, talking and expressing followed, with my new enthusiastic friend Peris as translator, it was a thriving experience.

I was so thrilled to see what the girls who took part had to share, and even more blessed to know what they had learned from the workshop. They saw self expression as something that doesn’t have to be perfect to be shared, how similarly they felt about the same things, and a view to see that there are many ways to go about expressing oneself and communicating with others.

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I have since learned more about using art as therapy, spending time being mentored by an inspiring artist and art therapist in Hanoi.


Blank Canvas  is a free flow art space designed to offer relief in creativity and to overcome ‘blank canvas’ syndrome where a blank canvas is either daunting or strenuous to think of a design. I provide canvasses, notebooks, t-shirts and more with FaceConscious line designs on them. I tell participants that they can do whatever they want with the design, as it is merely offered as a starting point of inspiration, a catalyst of creative constraints for their creativity to flow into. This is where creating art goes from ‘it could be anything’ to subconscious engagement in problem solving.

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I also create these spaces at events for people of all ages to enjoy the joy of community and art with communal paintings.

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