Welcome to
Story Time with FaceConscious
Creating augmented reality experiences
from community created artwork

Poetic Fantasy short stories illustrated by Mandalas

The Project:
Reflecting the narrative of poetic fantasy short stories,
each week a new consecutive story telling mandala is available for download,
to get arty on! Just follow the blog to get weekly mandalas.
Art will be collected for creating animations that play
when holding a phone over the images, using augmented reality technology to bring
more community connection and inspiration.

Get Involved:
Follow the blog – download mandala pages – get creative – send it back
Feel free to ask any questions, and offer your input and suggestions,
as this project is designed to be social and interactive.
As a solo independent artist, you are who I am collaborating with.

Get Connected:
For more creative prompts and to share with community join
Story Time with FaceConscious Facebook group.
Feel free to share or invite anyone you feel would enjoy
this community arts project, thank you.

Please Note:
1. Be sure any work you submit is your own.
2. Preferred files are photo (jpg/png) or video (mp4)
3. Augmented reality files will be formatted as square.
4. Art may be edited for video and animation making purposes.
5. Art may appear in video, social media and on this website,
when submitting, please state if your preferences are otherwise.

Submit Your Work:
Email StoryTime@FaceConscious
Or click here to add to GoogleDrive folder Colouring Blood Fairy
*Be sure to include your name if you want to be credited!*
Feel free to send you artist link/page, which will be included where possible.

Happy Creating!


The first story is titled Blood Fairy
Answering the question ‘what if some mosquitoes
were blood harvesting fairies in disguise?’


Claire Allured


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