I began painting when I decided it was the best way I could communicate what I was experiencing in meditation. In 2010 I began my travels and set off to India. There I learned to meditate in the ancient city of Varanasi and began experiencing and seeing all kinds of things I felt compelled to ground and share. I have always been a creator but I never had the patience for painting…until I found the patience in meditation, which then made painting seem so much easier. I started self taught and in 2011 I came across an Artist and philanthropist living in the hill station of Darjeeling, set in the cloudy foothills of the Himalaya, where he tutored me daily for two months.

Since I stopped meditating, I switched my focus to channeling the energies around me. I create paintings from my emotions, my environment, and the people around me. The more energy the better, which pulls me to paint to live music performances, channeling energy from the stage and crowd.

I paint for myself as my heart desires it.


Claire Allured


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