A visual diary of ‘emotional self-portraits’

Hello and welcome to the world of FaceConscious. Simply put, the name derived from the term self-conscious, but to be self aware in a positive way, taking ones own introspection and self awareness in the world and creating from it, expressing authentically ones own feelings. I just happened to start with Faces. When we express ourselves freely, we are showing up in the moment with authenticity, and like many things, creativity is a muscle that needs to be flexed regularly. The more we practice these moments, the more it becomes vital to us to be authentic, and the more we seek to tailor our lives to reflect the desires of our truest selves. More than that, it allows us to communicate with others, parts of ourselves that perhaps we always knew was there, but never truly show. My dream is to inspire others show up in the world with more authenticity, to start, continue or complete the journey of discovering ones own soul purpose, and taking the courage and determination to realize it in the world. I strongly believe that the real and authentic you can only be a gift to this world.

My name is Claire Allured, a ‘Jack of all trades, Master at being a Jack of all trades’ Social Artist and I indulge in many kinds of creative expression on a daily basis. Take a peak around this site and you will quickly see many forms within which I allow my joy to flow, and with which, I advocate for constructive self-expression, as I truly believe that ‘self-expression ends repression!’