Art I feel, is primarily an emotional language, intrinsic to the human experience; existing since humanity began. It is my aim and intention to inspire, encourage and create space for others to explore creative expression freely, in whatever from feels natural, as when we express from the heart, we expose and bring forward the authentic self. The more we show up authentically in life, the stronger that connection becomes and begins to permeate our lives. I believe that when we show up authentically, we begin to shift away from things that don’t serve us and move towards alignment with our souls purpose.

FaceConscious is a personal daily practice and social arts project advocating for constructive self expression. A therapy and spiritual practice, born as an aid through depression, and a desire for meditation and free flow creative expression, this project leads me back to myself as a powerfully healing and expressive tool!

I use my logo as a symbol of conscious co-manifestation, as it was the second design I created for this project, titled ‘Possibilities’, in July 2016, and I’ve been creating daily ever since. Here the meaning is explained: