A social creative project advocating for authentic alignment through constructive self expression. When we show up authentically in the moment, as creative expression demands, this authenticity may permeate our lives; bringing healing, deeper self knowledge and connection with the self and others. The soul, our true self, speaks through the heart, and drives by desire, therefore following one’s truest hearts desire is following soul purpose, for a truly authentic, fulfilled and connected life.


The logo titled ‘Possibilities’ symbolises conscious co-manifestation:

Open head: open to receiving
Universal energy

Open eye: the light inside coming out for extrospection and projection

Yin-Yang in the earlobe: to be balanced and non judging in thought

first point of co-manifestation; expressing and sharing ideas

Open head: the Universe is available inside each of us

Closed eye: the light inside being seen for introspection and self reflection

Earth in the earlobe:
to be worldly in thought

when we speak: ‘birthing ideas from our tongues’